Winners of the military sport competition “Vatanparvarlar” were found out


Republican stage of the “Vatanparvarlar” (Patriots) military sport competition among the members of the “Vatan tayanchi” (Support country) detachment which is consisted of 10-11 class pupils, was held in the base of the supplying study process of the Armed Forces Academy of Uzbekistan. Teams which have come from Tashkent city and regions of our republic competed in it.

As mentioned in the festive event, such military sport competitions are important in bringing up young generation brave, physical strong, loyal, clever, patriot and perfect like our great ancestors.

In the initiative of the President, “Vatan tayanchi” detachment which was established in in March 2, 2022, was base in creating new method and direction of youth policy. At present it gathered more than 177 thousand pupils and 9 858 detachment were established.

Youths competed in different tasks such as “Skillful sniper”, “Military relay”, “First medical aid to hurt person”, “Duathlon”, “Singing in line” and “Reader of Temur tuzuklari” (Temur’s rules) in this heated competition.

According to the final results, Samarkand took 1st place, Tashkent city reached 2nd place and team of the Kharezm region reached 3rd place. Also, Zilola Yarasheva member of the team of Kharezm region “Skillful sniper”, representative of Tashkent city Abdurashid Salimov “Military sportsman” and representative of Samarkand region team reached victory in the nomination “Reader of Temur’s rules”.

In the closing ceremony of the “Vatanparvarlar” military sport competition deputy minister of defense Educational and ideological affairs, general-major Hamdam Karshiyev, Kutbiddin Burkhanov head of the defense and security affairs committee of the Oliy Majlis Senate, deputy minister of the school and pre-school education Dilshod Kenjayev and others attended.

Winners were awarded with diploma, medals and commemorative gifts. Cup of the minister of defense was handed over festively to the winner team of the republican stage of the competition — Samarkand region by the deputy minister of defense on Educational and ideological affairs, general-major Hamdam Karshiyev.

With a word, this “Vatanparvarlar” military sport competition are serving to bring up new generation of military personnel who have enough experience and qualification, intellectual knowledge and psychical training.

Senior lieutenant Islomjon Kuchkarov, Ministry of defense Information and mass communications department