Functions and tasks of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan


  • Implementation of management in subordinate troops;
  • Implementation of state policy in the field of defense and military construction;
  • Equipping the troops with modern weapons, military equipment and logistics; expansion of military cooperation;
  • Ensuring the organization of recruitment and training of Armed Forces personnel.


  • Responsible for development of national military strategy, conceptual foundations of organization and development of the Armed Forces;
  • Provides strategic and operational planning and directs combat operations;
  • Develops and implements measures for the rapid and combat readiness of forces, their organizational and staff skills in the forms and methods of use of troops;
  • Within the limits of its competence, issues directives and orders binding on all ministries, state committees and departments, commanders of services of the Armed Forces;
  • Performs the functions of the main body of operational and strategic management of the Armed Forces, military districts, ministries, state committees and departments.