In Kashkadarya meeting was held with military personnel and school pupils


An event was held for school pupils at the 50th secondary school located in Ommagon village of Shakhrisabz town, Kashkadarya region by the South-Western special military district. At the meeting Head of the personnel department of the Ministry of defense officers, military personnel of the district, veterans and cadets of the aviation institute attended.

During the event detailed information was given to pupils about entering to “Temurbeklar maktabi” (Temurbeks school) and to the higher military education institutes. In addition, pupils were got acquainted with reforms which are being carried out at present on Armed Forces system and military news overall.

Such kind of event was held in 14th secondary school in Karshi city too. At the event sincere communication was paid particular attention between military personnel and pupils.

During a day, according to the program of event, military personnel performed arm battle demonstration and other special military programs. As answer to this, school pupils also performed different interludes and other creative programs. Pupils who attended at the event actively awarded with selected book collections.

In the meaning, one more such meeting was held also at the “Temurbeklar maktabi” (Temurbeks school) located in Shakhrisabz city. Event with pupils who have vowed seriously to become real military personnel, was passed full of interesting opinions.

Such kind of events which were directed to bring up youth in patriotism spirit are going on in Kashkadarya region.

South-Western special military district