Necessary instructions on cyber security were given to military personnel


A comprehensive event within the framework of cybercrime prevention was held in the administration office of the South-Western Special Military District. The event was organized on the basis of a roundtable discussion, and military personnel of all military units and institutions were involved in it through videoconferencing.

At the event, the officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ cyber security center, the military prosecutor of Karshi, the head of the office of the military court of Karshi, and the employees of the Kashkadarya regional branch of the Mortgage Joint-stock ommercial bank  shared important information and instructions about the factors of cybercrime.

It should be noted that in order for a person to protect himself from electronic crimes, it is necessary to have at least partial knowledge of the field. This is the demand of the times. Each of those who spoke at the event said that the main factor of these crimes is people’s lack of knowledge, negligence and trust in lies.

It’s easy to transfer all the money on your plastic card to another address with one call and one trick. The issue of not being deceived by such crimes was the focus of the event.

Press service of the Southwestern Special Military District