“Shunqorlar” military sports games were completed in two more regions


Currently, the military sports competition “Shunkorlar” organized by “Vatanparvar (Patriot)” organization, which supports the Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan, is being held in order to educate young people in the spirit of military patriotism and popularize the technical and practical types of sports among them.

     In particular, in one of the military units of the Nukus garrison, the stage of the Republic of Karakalpakstan “Shunqorlar” military-sports games was held among the unorganized youth of the neighborhoods, the children of the families listed at  “Yoshlar Daftari (Youth Register) “, “Temir Daftar(Iron register) ” and “Women’s Daftar(Women’s register)”.

11 teams  with 110 participants  from Turtkul, Beruniy, Ellikkala, Amudaryo, Kungirot, Khojaly, Korauzak, Chimboy, Kegeyli districts of the republic and Nukus city participated in the competition.

       “Descendants of Amir Temur” from Kungirot district gained the second place in the competitive sports competition, and “Tulpor(Horse)” from Karauzak district acquired the third place. The “Lochinlar (Falcons)” team of Kegeili district took the first place from the podium and qualified for the finals.

The Kashkadarya regional stage of this sports competition held at the Higher Military Aviation Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan was also organized at a high level.

The competition was held in cooperation with the Kashkadarya regional council of “Vatanparvar (Patriots) organization supporting the defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the South-Western Special Military District, the regional Defense Department, the military department of the regional council of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, and representatives of other state and public organizations.

At the end of the competition, successful young people were awarded diplomas and souvenirs by partner organizations.

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