Practical knowledge and skills of military personnel were strengthened – Andijan garrison


Protecting the peace and tranquility of the Motherland is an honor and a sacred duty for a man. Therefore, in the ranks of the Armed Forces, such courageous and brave men are faithfully fulfilling their  duty.

Combat training in the troops of the Ministry of Defense is a daily activity of the defenders of the Motherland, acquiring new knowledge is one of the main goals of country defenders . Practical knowledge and skills of military personnel were strengthened during the combat training which were held in one of the military units in Andijan garrison.

It compacted the level of cooperative effort and opportunity of the brave men, giving them a fighting spirit. Then the column of armored vehicles headed towards the training field.  Movement on the slopes of the mountains requires a lot of strength from the military. The participants of the training did not ignore every plant and every rock on the mountain ridges.

The training plan included not only team movement, but also the evacuation of the wounded from the cliff. During the action, the brave men took the fortifications on a convenient rock, blew up the designated positions and destroyed the indicated targets.


Modern combat tactics encouraged units to train in improved training practices and raised the level of professionalism.  Guardians of the country used firearms in innovative ways to increase combat potential. The personnel of the group were divided into small groups on the battlefield and improved their professional skills as in real combat conditions.

The correct and accurate movement of snipers plays main role in the performance of group combat tasks. The sniper town has all the facilities to ensure that the group leaves the conditional battlefield unscathed, to choose different firing positions and to move very carefully. In particular, the practice of shooting from trees, swinging objects and roofs enriches the skills and experience of snipers.

The fact that the account commanders are equally responsible as the group commanders for achieving victory by fully completing the combat tasks assigned to the units and skillfully using group weapons encourages them to be more vigilant. To destroy closed fortifications with armored vehicles requires a high level of intellectual skill from all group weapon accounts.

Different methods were used in the practice of firing group weapons at the “Andijan” training field . Fighting against conditional enemy ambushes located in abandoned buildings, underground passages, tunnels requires high combat skills from the personnel of the group.The use of special paths that are difficult to see in this training field requires the group of experts to move together and is very useful in improving their knowledge and skills. The focus here is on the proper use of night vision devices. The motherland guards destroyed targets that were difficult to see with the help of modern devices.

In short, their professional skills were improved during training .  Our borders will be in peace, our people will be safe, and our sky will be clear as long as there are strong guardians of the country with the spirit of patriotism in their hearts.

Press service of the Eastern Military District