“Qalqon-2023”: The joint special tactical training started in cooperation of the military personnel of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan


In the “Angren” training field of the Tashkent military district opening ceremony of the joint special tactical-training exercises “Qalqon-2023” in cooperation with the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan was held.

Nowadays disappoints and armed conflicts in various regions of the world are becoming a decisive force in mutual dialogue, and the fact that they are happening near our region encourages us to further strengthen our cooperation in the military sphere. The joint special tactical training is once more example of the friendly relations of the two countries with long-standing historical foundations in the military field.

The commander of the troops of the Tashkent military district, colonel Zakirjan Saifudinov made a speech at the festively ceremony and emphasized that the establishment of such close cooperation in the military field between two countries is great importance in ensuring security and stability in the Central Asian region.

Such kind of joint trainings serve to exchange experience, strengthen knowledge and skills, especially, strengthen mutual solidarity and friendship for Uzbek-Kazakh military personnel.

Ministry of defense Information and mass communications department