Winners of the Asian championship were received worthy


Uzbek sportsmen who have attended in Asian senior Kurash championship which was held in China, reached golden medals. Sportsmen who defended honor of Uzbekistan, were received worthy from the Tashkent international airport.

In the ceremony responsible officers of the Ministry of defense and family members of sportsmen attended.

For information, in the first day competition was held in 8 type of weight. Men competed in -66 kg, -81 kg, -90 kg, +100 kg women competed in -57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg, +87 kgs more than 80 athletes from 19 states of the world.

According to the final results, in the heated competition sportsman of the Sport center of the Ministry of defense of Uzbekistan, personnel of the Armed Forces Muhsin Hisomiddinov +100 kg weight category, and sportsman of the Tashkent military district Artyom Shturbabin -66 weight category attended and both sportsmen reached golden medals.

Ministry of defense Information and mass communications department

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