Opening ceremonies of the new educational season was held


Today throughout all the military units and institutes events dedicated to the 2023-2024 new educational season have started.

In such ceremony which was held in the military unit located in Termiz garrison of Surkhandarya region deputy minister of defense on battle training Colonel Kadir Tursunov attended and red to the personnel structure the congratulation of the minister of defense of Uzbekistan.

Also, one of such events was held in the military unit under the Tashkent military district. Commander Colonel Zokirjon Sayfuddinov opened the event and mentioned that in current educational season as all military units and institutes military personnel of this military unit also should spend their all knowledge and strength to the way of development of our country.

It’s given information about educational plans which will be carried out during the study year, and study points were got acquainted to military personnel in the festive events.

Such opening ceremony was held in the Central military district too,  and in this festive event commander of the troops Farrukh Ziyabayev attended.

Ministry of defense Information and mass communications department


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