Military doctors held medical review for people in far regions


In Pomik village of Mirishkor district of Kashkadarya region an in-depth medical review was held by the military doctors of the Karshi military hospital and team of the regional department of the “For healthy generation” international charity fund.

More than 300 people of Pomik were checked and treated by qualified doctors at the Mirishkor district polyclinic during the auspicious event initiated by the South-Western special military district.

During the review several specialists such as pediatrician, ultrasound specialist, therapist, ECG specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, neuropathologist gave their advice and recommendations.

Free primary care medicines were also distributed to patients during the inspections.  Such kind of visits, which are frequently organized for those who live far from the center, not only provide material support to the population, but are also important because they prevent various distractions.

Also, medical checking process is organized at the accommodations of several patients who have disabilities and serious illnesses that cannot go to the hospital.

South-Western special military district

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