Commander met with the enlisted military personnel


Army is a school of life. This phrase is clear reflected in soldiers’ life while fulfilling their duty. This place is considered as teaches important qualities such as patience, fortitude, discipline, and embraces to person.

In current days measures are being held to send the youths who have completed their duty of service to their permanent accommodations. Soldiers who are ready to defense of the country and entered the South-Western special military district a year ago, returned to their families with a bright face. In the meaning, at the Palace of culture “Commander and soldiers meeting” organized by the initiative of the district troops commander.

At first, the commander was interested in the impressions of the soldiers during their military service. He congratulated soldiers for having such abilities, saying that hardships are given not to make a person suffer, but rather to learn to overcome them with perseverance.

While talking held in the style of open conversation, most of the youths decided to continue their service on the basis of the contract, and some of them said that they would use knowledge and skills they had acquired here to become necessary people for the development of the country.

At the end of the event commander expressed his gratitude for faithfully service to defenders and wished success to their future service.

South-Western special military district