Competitions for national sport games were started among the military personnel


Every year Navruz is celebrated as a holiday of peace, harmony and well-being. It is a symbol of history, philosophy, and national traditions, which has grown up with the nation and with the nation developed.

In this regard, in one of the military units located in Tashkent city, under the Ministry of Defense, competition was started on Uzbek national games such as “chillak”, “qarabtep”, wrestling, tug-of-war and other modern sports, which have been regularly played during Navruz days since a long century.

In the event commander of the Troops for the protection of classified objects, Colonel Jur’at Yaqubov made a speech and invited the participants of this competition, which is being held in order to appreciate our traditional games, to convey them to the younger generation, and to perpetuate them, and wished success everyone.

The winner and prize-winners of the competition, which is scheduled to be held in all military units of our republic under the command, will be awarded with valuable gifts.  This competition will last from March 15 to March 20 of this year.

Ministry of defense Information and mass communications department