“Amir Temur’s battle flag” was delivered festively in Jizzakh


As we mentioned before, “For the Amir Temur’s battle flag” state award which established by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Shavkat Mirziyoyev had presented to the Central military district. Recently the beginning of Central military district – in the Dustlik district of Jizzah region, with participation command, district sector heads, youth and other actives this battle flag was delivered festively.

“Amir Temur’s battle flag” became not just of Jizzakh, but also military sectors of Samarkand, Navoi as well. During the last period, military and intellectual skill of military personal was increased. Worthy conditions were organized for them and their family members. Important works were done in bringing up youths in patriotism spirit and raise their interests to the national army.

Supreme Commander-in-Chief had also mentioned about this flag that motivates each girl and boy in growing brave and invincible like our ancestors.  Battle flag which delivered into Jizzakh region was showed to the people and youth of Dustlik, Pakhtakor, Sharof Rashidov districts and Jizzakh cities too.

Those who made a speech, talked about importance of this flag, battle power, and fruitful result of big work on its base.

Press service of the Central military district

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