“ArMI-2022”: All teams participating in the “Safe Environment” competition arrived at the “Sasagan”  training field


All the teams participating in the “Safe environment” competition of the International Army Games “ARMI-2022” arrived at the “Sasagan” training field of the Central Military District. Today, on August 6, the teams of Russia and Belarus, the last countries participating in this competition, were welcomed at the Khanabad airfield and placed on the  training field.

The guests were solemnly welcomed according to Uzbek traditions in the training field, national anthems of the countries were played and flags were raised in the field.

Also, the Chinese team, which won at the competition “ArMI-2021”, handed over the portable trophy of the “Safe Environment” competition to the organizing team of Uzbekistan.

Now, the military teams of Uzbekistan, Russia, Belarus, Iran, China and Vietnam will compete in this competition.

It should be noted that adequate preparations were made for the International Army Games at the “Sasagan” training field, where the competition will be held. That is, modern and comfortable conditions have been created for the participants. In particular, a modern dormitory, kitchen, sports areas, high-quality communication system, currency exchange office, sales points and press centers have been established.

Press service of the Central Military District