Caution is advised when using transport at the event in Nukus Garrison


 Military personnel of the garrison took part in a preventive event aimed at ensuring road traffic safety at the Spirituality and Enlightenment Center of Nukus Garrison.

During the meeting organized by the command of the troops of the North-West Military District, the speakers called on the military personnel to be alert and vigilant when driving vehicles, to constantly monitor the equipment’s condition, and not to use private cars when going on business trips and work holidays.

At the same time as the rate of growth observed in the economy of our country and the standard of living of our people is rising, the increase in the number of private motor vehicles on the roads satisfies the needs of the majority in a certain sense, but on the other hand, it also leads to an increase in road traffic accidents. It is deplorable that the carelessness of inexperienced drivers or pedestrians is the main factor.

Factors such as speeding, inexperience of the driver, failure to maintain a safe distance, failure to yield to pedestrians, failure to obey traffic lights or road signs, overtaking and drunken driving unfortunately still rank high in traffic accident statistics.

During the preventive event, the participants were shown videos on the topic prepared by the Military Vehicle Control Inspection of the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Information and Mass Communications.

Press service of the North-West Military District