Army biathlon and  half marathon on running race were held  in Nukus


Under the motto “I won!” “Army Biathlon” and 10 km “Half Marathon” on running race for 10 km were held on the sport base of Nukus garrison.

Army biathlon is recognized as a complex competition that tests the endurance, courage and perseverance of servicemen. In particular, it includes military-practical sports such as running on rough terrain, hanging and falling on a rope, throwing a grenade with precision, crossing running obstacles, throwing a knife and shooting from a small-caliber rifle.

In this competition, a total of 10 teams with 3 participants in each team competed in individual and team competitions.

In the first stage, participants completed three exercises during  running for 1.5-kilometers including climbing and descending a 6-meter-high rope with a gun, throwing a grenade after the run, and shooting at a target from a gun while lying down. In the second stage, the teams covered a distance of 1.5 kilometers, hit the target with a knife from a distance of 5 meters, crossed 5 obstacles of running and fired from a small-caliber weapon at the target while standing. In a 10-kilometer running of half marathon, 5 participants from each team tested their physical abilities.

At the end of the competition, the servicemen and teams with the highest scores in individual and team competitions were identified, and the winners and prize-winners were awarded trophies, diplomas, medals and certificates of honor established by the Commander of the Northwest Military District.

The winners also qualified for the finals of the competition, which will be held on the scale of the Ministry of Defense.

Northwest Military District Press Service