Best language learning experience promoted


An intensive methodological seminar was held at the Department of Languages of the Academy of the Armed Forces with the participation of English teachers from this military educational institution and the Chirchik Higher Tank Command and Engineering School, dedicated to the study of innovative achievements and best practices of foreign countries in teaching foreign languages, the application of advanced achievements and the exchange of experience in this area.

Specialist of the British Council James Thomas Edward shared his experience with the participants of the event. A foreign expert praised the high interest of the population, especially the country’s youth, in the study of foreign languages.

Participants of the event noted that good conditions were created in this higher military educational institution for language learning by military personnel and the seminar organized here was comprehensively useful and informative. Indeed, the department is equipped in accordance with modern requirements.

A methodological information resource center has been created at the department, which is provided with the necessary literature, interactive whiteboards and information technology tools. My attention was drawn to the layout of the area, made on an appropriate scale and the various tactical elements installed on it.

“This layout is designed to develop the speech of cadets and students in a foreign language”, says Shokhida Abduraimova, senior lecturer of the department. Using the layout, they must tell in a foreign language about these tactical elements and actions carried out though these elements.

“At the department, we organized optional classes for the military personnel to study English, French, German, Turkish and Chinese”, says Colonel Azizjon Toirov, acting head of the language department of the  academy.

– Classes are held in conjunction with foreign experts. Today, the number of troops expressing a desire to attend electives is growing.


Nozima MAMATOVA, Department of information and Communications, Ministry of Defense