“Commonwealth-2022”: Uzbek-Tajik joint training has ended


Today, early in the morning, the Ministers of Defense of the Republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, Lieutenant-General Bahadir Kurbanov and Colonel-General Sherali Mirzo, Governor of Surkhandarya Region Tora Bobolov and other officials observed the main stage of Uzbek-Tajik  joint training “Commonwealth-2022”.

According to the idea of ​​joint training, the conditional enemy groups who tried to breach the border of the two countries were hit by machine gunners, tanks, artillery and other combat units.

At the end of the practical training, the Defense Ministers of the Republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan congratulated the participants and organizers of the joint training “Commonwealth-2022” on the achievements. The military personnel of both countries who took an active part in the proceedings were awarded with medals, commemorative badges and valuable gifts established by the Ministries of Defense of the Republics of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Asror Roziboev, Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense