The soldiers, who showed courage in quarantine were rewarded


We have a saying that a calf runs to the hayloft. But in this case, the calf did not even get to the hay. They brought the straw themselves.

On the night of April 7 of this year at about 3:50 pm. A group of military personnel led by Captain Sirojiddin Radjabov, deputy commander of the battalion for education and ideology, serves in the central clinic of the Yakkasaray district of the capital. The health of our compatriots who are quarantined in the clinic is under the supervision of experienced doctors. Control over the object is in the hands of the defenders of the motherland. The captain, in accordance with the General military rules, replaced the guards who went through the shift, and went to the rest room with his comrades who were fired from the outfit.

At this time, the main event took place inside the clinic. Lieutenant Sarvar Imamov, who served at the checkpoint, received a message from the medical association that a quarantined person had escaped from the clinic without permission. Apparently, the rebel tried to escape through the heat pipe, using physical force to the medical staff, breaking the door and window frames of the room where he was undergoing treatment. The lieutenant, in turn, reported the situation to the commander on the radio and urged the guards in the area to be vigilant.

Arriving in the rest room, the commander sent a reserve group, whose eyelashes had not yet met to strengthen directions. Captain Sirojiddin Rajabov and Junior Sergeant Ulugbek Pirmatov ran to the clinic. The commander, approaching the object, received radio messages from the first direction: the person from that side was moving without an observer.

When the direction of the erratic movement became clear, the commander and junior sergeant ran in that direction. The attacker continued to move towards the street through a water pipe that passed through the wall separating the building from the outside at that time. Citizen’s dismissal warnings were canceled. Then the soldiers, who deftly climbed the wall, dropped it on time in time.

This man, not realizing his mistake, continued to resist. One, captain Sirojiddin Radjabov, junior sergeant Ulugbek Pirmatov, and contract soldier Gairat Yuldashev, were detained and handed over to law enforcement agencies. A natural question arises: what happens if this person leaves the object without permission? Maybe he was not poisoned by a coronavirus infection, but no one can guarantee that until the quarantine period ends and the final medical conclusions are reached.

What was the result? As a result, the citizen most likely “worked” extra days before his quarantine period. Because according to our legislation, those who violate the quarantine rules are subjected to severe penalties. Military personnel who remained faithful to their duties, performed vigilant services at quarantine facilities and quickly made decisions, were encouraged by an appropriate order of the Minister of Defense.

P/S. Let us not be offended, dear reader, by the fact that we have turned evil into a calf. “I was punished for my crime,” he said. But how do you react to equating me with a calf ? May also require Our appropriate responses are ready for this. But what can be called the number of people who ignore the laws of our state, which, despite the sensation of the symptoms of the disease, infect many people without contacting medical personnel ? Yes, the criminal. The actions of this person are also the beginning of this conclusion.

Nozima Mamatova, Department of information and Communications Ministry of Defense