What they do for our defense and what we must do  


Today, to combat the coronavirus pandemic in Uzbekistan, along with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, almost all power structures were involved – the Ministry of Defense, the National Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The ensure the safe operation of quarantine facilities around the clock, stand at road posts day and night, disinfect public places, equip emergency medical care points, and also work with citizens to prevent panic, hygiene and quarantine measures.

These days, when everyone is recommended to stay at home with their families, doctors and security officials and do not leave their jobs, are on duty for several days and are most at risk. For example, when the total number of cases was 83, doctors among them were 11.

In turn, we are ordinary citizens, to combat the spread of the virus in our country, as instructed by government agencies, we must comply with the quarantine regime and, until the urgent need, not leave our homes, wear masks and maintain personal hygiene, not panic and not complain about time limits.

The urgent need to comply with these measure does not reach the mind and consciousness of individual citizens, as evidenced by the number of facts of their violation.

So, only on March 26, 3,649 cases of quarantine violations were recorded in the republic, of which 101 such facts were recorded in the capital, including 66 detentions of citizens without a mask and 35 violations of home quarantine.

The city of Samarkand became the “Champion” in number – 538 facts of manifestation of civil carelessness per day. It is necessary to understand here that each similar case is potentially a fact of the possible spread of coronavirus among the population, in connection with which we all need to rally and fight this, including by bringing the general demands to “near – minded comrades” who do not fully realize the destructiveness of their actions or pretend to be super – daredevils.

Special attention should be paid to those who visit food shops several times a day to provide their elderly neighbors with everything necessary. This volunteer action has already begun in Tashkent and applies to all regions of the country.

So let us together in this difficult time in the name of the common good, support those who ensure our security and begin to show activity only where it is really needed!

Nozima Mamatova, Department of information and Communications Ministry of Defense