Winners of the regional stage of the “Vatanparvarlar” military-sport competition were announced in Navoi


In one of the military units of Navoi garrison under the Central military district winner and prize winner teams of the regional stage of the “Vatanparvarlar” (Patriots) military-sport competition was held among the disunited youths for the cup of the minister of defense, were found out. According to the Presidential decree “On measures to improve the work system with youth in the mahallas” by the Ministry of defense of Uzbekistan in cooperation with related ministries and organizations to bring up youths of mahallas (neighborhoods) in patriotically spirit “Roadmap” was created.

This competition which consisted of three stages, gathered youths of region, military sport could find a way to this. By the way, “Vatanparvarlar” military sport competition service to improve youths’ interests to the practical sport and to spend their time meaningful, to set cultural-sport relations among the youths, to propaganda healthy life style among them and also bring up them worthy to brave ancestors.

According to the final results, “Vatanparvarlar” team of the “Farovon” street of Navoi city took III place, youths of the “Tasmachi” street of Hatirchi town reached II place, and team of the “Obod diyor” street of Kiziltepa town became completely winner of the competition and reached I place.

In the closing ceremony of the competition winners and prize winners were awarded with the diploma and valuable gifts by the regional administration, military prosecutor office, Youth affairs agency, regional council of the Union of youths.

Central military district

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