Meeting of three generations was held at the State Museum of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan


In participation of representatives of the administration of the Ministry of defense, community council under the ministry, fond of “Nuroniy”, members of the Union of writers, veterans of Armed Forces, cadets of the higher education institutes, “Temurbeklar maktabi” special school pupils and members of the “Vatan tayanchi”  children and teenagers organization meeting of three generations was held at the State Museum of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan.

In this sincere conversation guests talked about results of the high attention to youth in Uzbekistan. Also, it was mentioned that role of the representatives of old generation is important in bringing up youth loyal, selfless, clever and skillful.

President of Uzbekistan in his Address to the Oliy Majlis and People of Uzbekistan, had mentioned particularly about importance of life experience of representatives of old generation in bringing up youth in military-patriotism spirit, selfless to Motherland. In the meaning, during the open conversation guests noted about this and shared their life experience too. Well-known poets’ thoughts and poems in the theme of youth zeal, wisdom of old age, togetherness in the way of development of country were pleased to all.

In this event according to the order of the minister of defense, a group of active representatives of state and society were awarded with the “Ma’naviyat va ma’rifat a’lochisi” (Excellent of spirituality an enlightenment) breast medals.

At the end of event song and dance ensemble of the Ministry of defense shared festive mood to participants of event.

Major Shunkor Buriyev, Ministry of defense Information and mass communication department