Military personnel competed for the prize of the region governor in Surkhandarya


Among the military personnel of the ministries and agencies that are part of the Armed Forces, competitions were held in Surkhandarya for the prize of the region governor in the competitions such as “Amir Temur o‘g‘lonlari” (Sons of Amir Temur), “Jaloliddin Manguberdi vorislari” (Heirs of Jalaluddin Manguberdi) and “To‘maris izdoshlari” (Followers of Tomaris).

Aim of holding this competition is to educate military personnel and youth in the spirit of military-patriotism, to involve them in active physical education, to inculcate in their minds the traditions and values of Surkhandarya region, such as philanthropy, epic writing, and equaling heroes like Alpomish.

At the opening ceremony of the event representatives of the regional administration, all force systems and Regional horse sports development department attended and wished success to participants of the competition.

Competition was full of uncompromising and interesting debates, because all regions particular characteristics and traditions were attracted in it.

Especially, total of 8 female military personnel from all force systems participated in the “Followers of Tomaris” section of the competition and fulfilled the tasks of shooting from an air rifle, disassembling to uncompleted parts and assembling Kalashnikov rifle, and “Harbiy tibbiy estafeta” (Medical relay) tasks as well.

It was mentioned that one of the main goals of the contest was to raise the awareness of the military personnel who are serving in the military units located in the territory of Surkhandarya region to the art of horse riding. Therefore, their skills to perform tunes on the drum, chankovuz (national musical instruments of region), and to ride on horse were tested.

According to the final report of the referee, the participants who received the highest score in each direction of the competition are the winners of the regional stage of the competition. In the meaning, as final results, the military personnel of the South-Western special military district reached the 1st place.

Winner military personnel were awarded with valuable gifts, cash prizes and special diplomas by the region governor.

III ranked sergeant Akbar AHMEDOV, Termiz garrison