Command-staff training using from modern technologies was held in Andijan


At the military unit located in the Andijan garrison of the Eastern military district troops, computer command-staff training is being carried out using from modeling and simulation means.

Current training was organized under the leadership of the commander of the military unit with the participation of specialists of the field-training center for research on modeling and simulation of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan.

It should be noted that modeling and simulation allows conducting computer command-staff training at the battalion tactical group level and reviewing the tasks of unit commanders on the basis of the training base equipped with the JCATS complex program created in the military unit.

During the tactical actions of the units, deputy commanders of the military unit, heads of the troop type and service, developed and planned in detail specific tasks for the relevant types of supplies, and tested them in a single tactical situation using modeling and simulation tools.

Such trainings serve to increase the combat readiness of the defenders of country, improve their skills in managing troops and organizing cooperation.

Press service of the Eastern military district

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