Field kitchens which are serving to people of Karshi and Sariosiyo


On the occasion air temperature has gone down sharply, free military kitchens were established and hot meals and tea are being shared through the all regions of Uzbekistan by the Ministry of Defense.

Next destination of such kind of charity events was established by the South-Western special military district in the “Gulshan” street of Karshi. From early morning military personnel sewed two tents and prepared 120 placed filed kitchens.

Then palov was cooked for 100 kilo rice and shared to all needy people. Elders prayed organizers for such comfortable conditions.

Also, free checking was organized by the Karshi military hospital for people. Hot meals and different fresh foods were shared by the military personnel to the disabled people and toiler city cleaners too.

In addition, in Sariosiyo garrison military personnel served without demanding gratitude to people who are being treated at the Sariosiyo medical center and people of the “Afrosiyob” street.

At the places hot meals and various sweets were shared to people. Military field kitchens were supplied with all needy equipment for organizing comfortable condition.

Press service of the South-Western special military district

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