Military field kitchens are serving to people in Nukus


Through the regions of Uzbekistan free military kitchens are being organized for helping needy people in such anomalous cold weather. In particular in the Northern part of Uzbekistan as well. In the field kitchens every day chefs are cooking palov till a hundred kilo rice and sharing people.

In the meaning, kitchens were organized in “Koʻskoʻl-1,3,4”, 21-little district, “Chimboy guzari”, “Aydin jol”, “Anasoy”, “Qizilqum”, “Jeke terek” streets of Nukus city and “Jayhun-uchquduq” streets in 10 fields.

Togetherness, brotherhood, close traditions, especially, close human facilities of uzbek and karakalpak seem in such difficult period. Therefore, these human facilities which characteristic of mentality will be saved always.

In the filed kitchens needy conditions for eating meal, drinking hot tea, also, furnaces, warming up places were established. These initiatives will stable army and people togetherness once more.

Such kind of charity events which aimed to share different help to people in cold days, are going on through the regions. 

North-Western military district