Military personnel shared New Year gifts and festive spirit to the “Children’s Home” in Takhyatosh


Supporting needy people with social protection, giving charity and kindness are one of the noble human quality among the characteristics of all nations. Therefore, the military personnel of one of the military units in the Nukus garrison on the eve of the New Year holiday took care of about the children of the “Children’s Home” in Takhiatash district, and shared festive mood to them.

This “Children’s Home” is mainly intended for children with impaired psychophysiological development and is a treatment-rehabilitation institution.  Currently, children up to the age of 6 are growing up here with the support of leading specialists.

Visit of military personnel to this institution became a small holiday for children. The honor guard platoon entertained everyone with their carbine demonstration, also children thanked sincerely the guests with their musical performances. The festive tunes and songs which performed by the military orchestra of the Spirituality and enlightenment center of the Nukus garrison shared bright impression.

New Year gifts, which were reached by the children through military personnel raised the mood of those in need of love.

North-Western military district

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