A press conference was held in the National Press Center dedicated to the celebration of Day of Defenders of Motherland


A press conference was held in the National Press Center of Uzbekistan dedicated to the celebration of the “Day of Defenders of Motherland” and the 31st anniversary of establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It provided information on the topic, in particular, on organizational-practical, informational-propaganda, military-patriotic, and spiritual-educational events that will be carried on during the “Vatanparvarlik oyligi” (Month of Patriotism).

At the press conference, Defense Minister’s adviser on information policy issues – press secretary Otabek Yuldashev, The head of the General department of educational and ideological affairs of the Ministry of Defense Hasan Khalilov, The head of the General department of Combat training of the Ministry of Defense Rahmatillo Rahmanov as speakers answered the questions of the republican news agencies and mass media representatives.

During the conference, in order to properly welcome Day Defender of the Country and widely celebrate it as a public holiday, conditions will be created for wide media coverage of the holiday events, achievements made during the reform and development of the Armed Forces, and social protection of military personnel.  information was given about the work done, as well as the events and auditions planned for “Vatanparvarlik oyligi” (Months of Patriotism).

In particular, during the month, in order to orient students to military professions, to educate them in the spirit of military patriotism, its planned to hold events under the motto “Mard askar – yoshlarga namuna” (A brave soldier – an example for youth!), such as:

  • “Ochiq eshiklar kuni” (Doors open day) in military units and institutions;
  • Excursions through the museums in Tashkent city and regions;
  • “Askar onalarini sharaflaymiz” (We honor the soldiers’ mothers);
  • Spiritual and educational events on the topics of “Mening akam Vatan himoyachisi” (My brother is a defender of Motherland);
  • Roundtable discussions on the topic “The name of the heroes is alive!”;
  • Carrying out the visit of spiritual caravans;
  • And events such as conducting patriotic lessons are planned in secondary schools.

At the same time, various contests and competitions, among youths:

 A selection of essays and poetry on the theme of the sacred land of my guardian;

 ✔️ “Eng yaxshi tasviriy san’at asari” (The best work of painting art) competition on the topic “Mening armiyam mening faxrim” (My army is my pride!);

 between military personnel, local population and youth:

 ✔️ “Amir Temur o’g’lonlari” (Followers of Amir Temur) for the award of the head of the military-administrative sector;

 ✔️ “Jaloliddin Manguberdi vorislari” (Heirs of Jalaliddin Manguberdi);

 ✔️ “To’maris izdoshlari” (Followers of Tomaris) auditions, as well as

 ✔️ Holding sports competitions in mass types of sports;

 ✔️ Also, it’s appointed to organize military-patriotic festivals.

At these events, it’s appointed that importance of the holiday Defenders of the Motherland Day, the role and importance of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan in maintaining our peace and tranquility, especially in educating youths in the spirit of patriotism, will be explained to every citizen of our country during the month events. 

Ministry of defense Information and mass communications department