Events were held on military psychology


At the Karakalpak state university named Berdak events were held on military psychology by the troops of the North-Western military district.

Those who made a speech gave information to students of “Practical psychology” direction, about working with troops of ministry of defense as a military psychologist, life of army, new education system which put in force at the Armed Forces academy. Specialists answered overall to students’ questions who are interested in military sphere and their knowledge was enriched about specialty.

It’s fact, that according to the 3rd paragraph of the 371st decree of the President of Uzbekistan which signed in 4th of August, 2018, from the 2023-2024 study years among the students who graduated 2nd course of university, selected students at the Armed Forces academy “Psychology (military psychologist)” direction was allowed.

News system, certainly, will serve to prepare real qualified military psychologists who were tempered overall and adopted to military life.

During the event propaganda sheets were spread, and videos were showed.

In addition, it’s planned that carry out propaganda events among the students of other universities which have “Psychology (psychology and pedagogy)” direction.

North-Western military district

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