Sayyor Sadinov’s bust was installed in Samarkand


There lots of military servicemen who had attended and died bravely in the armed conflict against terrorists in Sariosiyo and Uzun districts of Surkhandarya region. One of them was Sayyor Sadinov. For immortalizing his memory Sayyor Sadinov’s bust was installed in “Jom” village of Nurobod district of Samarkand region.

In the event deputy minister of defense Kadir Tursunov, commander of the Central military district, colonel Oybek Saidov, hakim of district Sirojiddin Berdikulov, relatives of hero and people of village were attended.

Those who made a speech remembered Sayyor Sadinov’s achievements while his servicing, his bravery, particular qualities, and mentioned this bust will be an example of patriotism and bravery for young generation.

After military personnel laid a garland at the feet of bust, and fulfilled respect hero.

For information, lieutenant Sayyor Sadinov was awarded with the II classed “Shon-sharaf” (Honor and glory) order and with the medal “Jasorat” (Bravery) in accordance of decree of the Supreme Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Press service of the Central military district

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