Minister of Defense of Uzbekistan Bakhodir Kurbanov visited to Turkey


In 23rd of November delegation under the leadership minister of defense, general-lieutenant Bakhodir Kurbanov visited to Turkey. This visit was organized for varies issues such as developing and stabling two state heads’ friendly and strategic relations, expansion co-operation between our states. At first guard of honor event was held. Two nation anthems were performed by the military orchestra. After official receiving ceremony, Bakhodir Kurbanov left a signature at the book of honorable guests.

Afterwards arguments were continued. Minister of defense Bakhodir Kurbanov in connection with the act of terrorism in Istanbul present his condolence to people whose relatives were dead, wished treating soon to people who were wounded. In discussions ministers of defense mentioned about particular aspects which bind Uzbekistan and Turkey, then paid attention to two state military co-operation, its future, also battle training, education and technique issues. 

After discussions agreement about improving military and military-technique co-operation was signed by the ministers of defense of two states. Ministers gave declaration to the press after signed united agreement about military co-operation.

 “Relations between Uzbekistan and Turkey were based on brotherhood connections, and it’s an example to the higher strategic companion. We are developing co-operations intensive and successful. Especially, our presidents while visiting and meeting our relations were noticeable improved. In this way for continuing co-operation thoroughly we’re ready to mobilize all our acts. Our only enemy is terrorism.” — said Bakhodir Kurbanov.