Demonstratiive battalion tactical training was held in Namangan


Demonstratiive battalion tactical training was held in the troops of the Eastern Military District on the topic “Preparation and conduction of special operations of troops with battalion”.

Commanders of the military unit of  Namangan garrison and their deputies took part in this training under the leadership of the commander of the district troops. At first, exercises representing the actions of the units at their permanent residence were held in more than 20 training points  in the territory of the military unit.

After that, more than 10 demonstrative practical training points focused on the location of units in field conditions, organization of security and coordination of tactical actions were continued at  “Gurumsaroy”training field.

In this practice, the skills of the battalion commanders in preparing for and conducting the training of the special movement of the troops in order to manage the units with continuous determination, as well as the field skills of the personnel, their moral and spiritual qualities, feelings of bravery were aimed to be increased.

In the practical part of the training process, special tactical actions were carried out to destroy, crush and capture conditional enemies in the border  with the help of cooperative force structures.

During the demonstrative  exercise, the tactical actions of the units were evaluated by the observing experts, the three-day training was analyzed in all aspects, and specific tasks to be implemented in the future were determined.

                                                   Press service of the Eastern Military District

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