The qualifications of specialists of the “Vatanparvar(“Patriot”)” Organization have been increased


On the 19th of November, “the Central Council of the “Vatanparvar (“Patriot”)”  Organization and the Ministry of Defense approved a plan to hold a methodical seminar with the heads of educational institutions of the ” Vatanparvar (“Patriot”)” Organization supporting the defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan on military-patriotic education.

According to this plan, on October 24-28 of this year, methodical seminars for leaders and specialists working in military-patriotic education in the system of councils of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Tashkent city and regions of the “Vatanparvar (Patriot)” Organization were hold in military units across the country.

During the week-long seminars, the military officers of the military districts on educational affairs shared important information about the system of educating young people in the spirit of military-patriotism, the goals and tasks of the military-patriotic movement of children and teenagers of the “Vatan tayanchi (Motherland Support)”  while the responsible employees of the regional departments of the Youth Affairs Agency explained the main aspects of the implementation of the state policy on youth in the Republic of Uzbekistan and the duties, powers and procedures of working with youth leaders in the neighborhoods.

In these large-scale events, the parties had the opportunity to exchange experience in raising patriotic, brave and courageous young people and educating them as mature and perfect individuals in all respects.

Methodical seminars were fired with questions and answers.

Assistant to the defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan“Vatanparvar”  Organization Press Service

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