The presentation of the film was held at the Ministry of Defense


In order to strengthen the ideological immunity of the citizens and youth of our country, to protect them from the influence of destructive and alien ideas, in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the State Security Service and the cinematography agency a full-length feature film entitled “Ayol Kismati” (“Woman’s fate”) was made. It  was produced on real story of the woman who was brought to Uzbekistan from Syria in May 2019 as a part of “Mehr” operation.

This film, which tells about the tragic fate of a woman who went abroad under the influence of alien ideas, and her experiences on returning to her homeland, was shown to military personnel at the central office of the Ministry of Defense, and a creative meeting was held with the participation of the filmmakers.

According to director Dilmurod Masaidov, “Ayol Kismati” is based on real facts. For information, it should be said that 156 women and children were brought in during the first operation of the “Mehr” project. 41 of them are women, the rest are children. This film tells the story of the fate of 41 brought women. It can be said that the film is very impressive and believable. This can be seen from the eyes of the audience.

Although the scenes of the film were shot in our country, it really looked like the Syrian camp “Al-Khol”. Although the film is artistically polished, the characters in it are people among us. Each of us must make the correct conclusion from their sad fate. The film depicts that  living in a peaceful and happy life or  destroying it is in our hands,in each person’s hans. The film made such an impression on military personnel.

Ministry of Defense Information and department of mass communication