Inspection tests served to increase the combat readiness of military units


As we reported earlier, the combat readiness of the military units stationed in the Samarkand and Jizzakh garrisons of the Central Military District was tested. Military personnel initially strengthened their knowledge and skills in theoretical and practical training in military units, while the main processes of inspection continued with combat training in the training field.

In particular, during the tests conducted at the “Sazagan” and “Forish” training field the personnel of the battalion were brought to a state of high combat readiness, and the personnel of the company were assigned the task of identifying the location of the conditional enemy and reaching there, conducting reconnaissance and destroying the enemy with an ambush. . The personnel of the company performed this task perfectly and destroyed the armed conditional enemy.

Also, according to the plan, the main activities of the agenda continued at various train points. In particular, the defenders of the country performed reliable actions in fulfilling the norms such as strengthening air defense, protection against radioactive chemicals, moving with the help of armored vehicles, disembarking and exiting it, and firing combat weapons.

Test sessions were also organized at night.  Military personnel performed military topography, engineering training and practical shooting exercises there.

During the inspections, the combat readiness of the defenders of Motherland was improved, and the skills of command management and correct and accurate movement in emergency situations were strengthened.

Press service of the Central Military District