The military servicemen of Uzbekistan took honourable 2nd place in the 3 rd international military sport games


As we previously informed, our national team consisting of military personnel of the Ministry of Defense of our country successfully participated in the 3rd international military sport games which were dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Council  of Defense Ministries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It was held  in Almata, Republic of  Kazakhstan, on July 4-10 of this year among friendly Armies which are the members of the Commonwealth of Independent Nations.

National teams of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus and the Russian Federation competed in these international army sport games, which included military cross,  arm-wrestling,  weight-lifting, shooting from state weapons, officers’ triathlon.

At the end of the interesting and uncompromising the 3rd International Military Sports Games, the military athletes of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan showed their fortitude, courage and patriotism and took the honourable 2nd place in the overall team and achieved the following results in sports competitions.

Militarized Cross:

junior sergeant Bekzod Tashpolatov took the 1st place in singles competitions with a score of 10.47 (SWSD);

junior sergeant Saida Abdumuminova in singles got 3rd place with a result of 10.44 (cynology service center);

The 3rd place from overall.

Weight lifting:

 in 68 weight category in singles private soldier Sanjarbek Inomov (SWSD), in 73 kg weight category junior sergeant Fazliddin Majidov (NWMD) and in 95 kg weight category, junior sergeant Mukhammadali Artikov (NWMD) won 3rd places.

Shooting from state weapons:

Maria Mukhiddinova  (Sport Center of the MoD), a member of the Armed Forces, took the 3rd place in singles matches of the PM-3 course with 264 results;

Junior Sergeant Yana Fathi of the AK-3 category in singles (Sport Center of the MoD) got 1st place with 275 results and Major Daniyor Djumanov (TMD) took the 3rd place with 272 results;

Overall the 1st place.

Officers Triathlon:

in individual events, private soldier Aleksandr Kurishev (Sport Center of MoD) won the 1st place in the 3000-meter run with a result of 9.12 and in the 300-meter freestyle swimming exercise;

Overall the 4th place.

Army arm-wrestling:

In 55 kg.weight category  a contract military soldier Otabek Sirojiddinov (SWSD) took the 2nd place ;

In 60 kg. weight category Mirzoir Muzaffarov (ShHO), a contract military soldier Mirzoir Muzaffarov (NWSD) got the 1st place;

In 65 kg.weight category  a contract military soldier Temurmalik Mamadaliev (SWSD) got the 2nd place;

In 70kg. weight category  a contract military soldier Husniddin Ruziev(SWSD) took the 1st place;

In 75 kg.weight category  a contract military soldier Daler Yuldashev  (CMD) took the 3rd place ;

In 80 kg.weight category  a contract military soldier OGabek Kadirov (SWSD) took the 1st place ;

In 90 kg. weight category Sergeant Sherali Makhamadaminov (TMD) got 1st place;

In +90 kg.weight category Ikhtiyor Khalmuratov (TMD) of the Armed Forces took the 3rd place;

overall team got the 2nd place.