Uzbek snipers take the podium in international competitions, leaving behind teams from Germany, Qatar and Azerbaijan


An international competition “The most advanced sniper team” among servicemen of leading countries was held at the Commando Training Center Base in Egridir, Turkey.

A total of 33 teams from 12 countries as  Germany, Bahrain, Qatar and Azerbaijan  and a total of 15 teams from Turkey, including Special Forces such as Naval Special Forces, Army and Special Operations Forces took part in competition.

The competition, which included day and night training, was held over ten days. The difference between this international competition and other sniper competitions is that it also includes shooting exercises in motion on both helicopters and boats.

In addition,  the use of laser rangefinders was not allowed at any stage of the competition, snipers detected the target at a distance of 1,000 meters or more using optical devices and destroyed it within a specified time.

Besides that, the participants of the race moved for 6 hours in a mountainous area on the magnetic azimuth at night and destroyed the target at an indefinite distance.

Despite the fact that the territory of the competition for the team of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan was absolutely unknown and there was no complete information about the targets and exercises, our servicemen successfully completed all the conditions and took second place among 12 countries. The host country representatives  took the first place.

The training and skills of Uzbek servicemen were highly appreciated by Turkish judges and snipers.

Information and Mass Communication Department,
Ministry of Defense