A methodical training session that strengthens knowledge and skills


In order to strengthen the combat readiness of the troops, to increase the comprehensive practical skills and theoretical knowledge of the personnel training sessions with servicemen are being held.

One of these kinds of training sessions was held with the unit commanders in the military unit located in the Namangan garrison of the Eastern Military District.

The unit commanders, who strengthened their knowledge and skills in the system of 8 modules under the program, continued their practical training on the field. During the day and night shooting exercises, participants hit targets with various combat weapons and in compliance with the norms of quick and correct wearing of special clothing in defense against weapons of mass destruction.

The results of the country’s guards, who performed complex tests on the maintenance and repair of military vehicles, as well as the conditions for running short and long distances from physical training, were also praised.

Such kind of training sessions are being held in all garrisons.

Eastern Military District Press Service