Graduates of higher military educational institutions, who wore cadet uniforms four years ago, are taking state exams now.  They will start their service as officers in the national army in a few days after the state attestation.

Graduates of the Chirchik Higher Tank Command-Engineering School also began taking the state exam on the knowledge acquired during four years. According to this, the cadets initially passed theoretical exams in such disciplines as the national idea – the strategy of development of Uzbekistan, the methodology of moral and psychological monitoring of service activities, foreign languages, shooting and artillery fire management, construction and operation of anti-aircraft systems, tank, missile and artillery tactics with good grades.

The cadets of the Faculty of Tactical Command of Tank Troops, who successfully passed the theoretical state attestation, demonstrated their  knowledge gained from combat shooting from tanks in the Chirchik firing range The graduates performed practical shooting exercises under the supervision of members of the state attestation commission and experienced instructors.

Cadets with excellent theoretical knowledge like Shokhrukh Ganiev, Iftikhor Vohidov, Rizamat Sodiqov, Bunyod Juraev, Shahzod Boliev also showed their capabilities in practice.The efforts of the guys who successfully completed the task of destroying the three moving and emerging targets were excellent. Each tank crew fired at targets set in motion, stopped, and in trenches.

 – Today is one of the most responsible period in our lives, – says a graduate of the Faculty of Tank Tactical Command Shohrukh GANIEV. – because we are passing the state exam on the knowledge we have received in the educational institution for four years. Our efforts today also radically varies from practical shooting exercises in the educational process. With the help of knowledge gained from our officers and instructors  such as Sabir Abduraimov, Bahodir Yusupov, Samandar Niyazov, Hamid Bakaev, I passed the state exam with excellent marks. The moral support of our commander Bobur Rajabov and our group commander Akram Bobokhonov in the process of fulfilling the task was one of the factors that ensured our success today. The result of our efforts will soon be a step into the life of an officer …

Ministry of Defense Information and

Department of Mass Communications