The officers’ moral and spiritual training skills were strengthened


In the Mubarak garrison of the South-Western Special Military District a practical training session with officers of educational and ideological work and combat training was held on “The order of organization of moral and spiritual training.”

The training covered a number of tasks, such as strengthening the methodological training of military personnel, the use of best practices in the educational process of personnel, improving knowledge, skills and experience in the field based on the analysis of military conflicts in the region and the world.

An excellent level of physical readiness is always required of a member of the armed forces. In this regard, recommendations were made to pay special attention to this during the training. In exercises designed to build strength, speed and endurance, the participants demonstrated a level of skills.

Long-distance marching requires mental and physical endurance on the part of the serviceman. For this reason, the participants of the meeting performed the task of safe passage during the march, conditionally protected from the zone of defeat from radiation, chemical and biological weapons.

After that, in the field training area “Mubarak”, the participants of the training were involved to pass the obstacle course which is specially designed to develop the unity of the group. In it, the servicemen once again felt the need for the support of their comrade during the passage of obstacles and the high level of the role of team unity in the battle.

In the course of the training, the participants were shown shooting skills and new techniques of fighting in a group and in combat equipment.

The results of the five-day training were discussed, and instructions were given to unit commanders and their deputies to eliminate existing shortcomings and introduce new skills and experience into the units.

Southwestern Special Military District Press Service