The children’s camp of the Ministry of Defense named after “Yakub Tursunov” began its work in Samarkand


The children’s camp “Yakub Tursunov” of the Ministry of Defense, located in the mahalla “Omon Quton” Urgut district of Samarkand region, has started its work.

The camp was repaired by the Central Military District Command in a short period of time, and the beautification process in the area was carried out in accordance with modern standards.

The children’s health center has comfortable and bright dormitories, a kitchen, sports camps, a spiritual room, a club, an amphitheater, a medical center, a bathroom and a swimming pool.

In addition, in order to ensure the safety and health of children, representatives of the relevant services of the camp were involved.

This year, 600 children have been scheduled to be treated at the camp. At the same time, the first-term visitors consisting of servicemen and children of servicemen and servicemen of the Armed Forces, were solemnly welcomed at the camp.

The boys and girls, who will spend two weeks relaxing in the beautiful nature, were divided into groups, placed in dormitories, and given daily routines.

Central Military District Press Service