FINAL ANALYSIS of the activities which were done by the Department of Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan to implement the state youth policy in 2021.


During 2021, Personnel department of the Ministry of Defense, as the main interagency working body, coordinated the activities on military-patriotic and spiritual-moral education of the youth and carried out a wide range of activities.

In order to organize systematic work with the youth, targeted audience was divided into categories according to the administrative territories, including the organized and non-organized youth and has been in abroad for a long time, as well as young people on prophylactic registration.

A single mechanism, strength and means of cooperation with the Ministries of Preschool Education, Public Education, Higher and Secondary Special Education, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, the Agency for Youth Affairs, the Republican Center for Spirituality and Enlightenment were identified.

A special system of work with non-organized youth in cooperation with the Department of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, the Youth Agency, the Ministry of Neighborhood (Mahalla) and Family Support and local authorities, the Armed Forces veterans (military patriotic events, labor fairs, educational courses) was put into practice.

 With the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, in 2021, for the first time, “Patriots” military sports competitions were held in three stages among students of all secondary schools.

In the first stage, in the district (city) championship about 100,000 students from more than 9,000 secondary schools were participated.

In the second in territorial (regions) stage from more than 200 secondary schools about 2,000 students were participated.

In the third stage, 14 teams from Uzbekistan participated, and 157 students competed in 5 conditions. The third stage was held from April 29 to May 1 this year on the facility of the Armed Forces Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A new program has been developed to organize local work to educate youth in the spirit of patriotism in the most disadvantaged districts and mahallas. Under the program, the Deputy Ministers of Defense attached the most difficult to work with not-organized youth in 5 districts, the commanders of military districts in 10 mahallas, the heads of regional, district (city) recruitment departments and military bases in 5 mahallas. (a total of 30 districts, 1,640 mahallas) were attached. Through this system, the Ministry of Defense has organized 5,471 cultural, educational and sports events in these regions in 2021, involving more than 172,000 young people.

Also, according to a joint resolution signed with the Ministry of Public Education, every Friday in the secondary schools attached to the Recruitment Departments is called “Day of Spiritual Growth and Patriotism” and patriotic events and trainings are organized by the military on these days. In 2021, 1,005 events were held in secondary schools as part of the “Day of Spiritual Growth and Patriotism”, 34,913 students were involved.

During the year, a total of 5,992 events were organized with young servicemen, and more than 379,525 young servicemen were involved.

For the first time, a comprehensive program of measures under the motto “Brave soldier – an excellent example for young people” was adopted for the introduction of a completely new system of work with young people in the region. 2,307 visits were organized for 83,254 non-organized youth under this motto to combat training in military units and field training areas to fulfill the tasks set in the program. 623 “Followers of Amir Temur”, “Heirs of Jaloliddin Manguberdi”, “Knowledge of Temur’s rules” intellectual, military-sports and creative competitions were organized among the youth and servicemen of the districts, and 80,179 young people were involved. 37,013 young people took part in the essays named “I am a child of a great country!”. 680 military-patriotic caravans, marathons, festivals and actions were held in suburb areas, with the participation of 70,370 young people.