The scientific-practical conference was held at the Armed Forces Academy.


The Department of Troops of the Armed Forces Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan (UzAFA) held a scientific-practical conference on “Ensuring border security of the Republic of Uzbekistan: problems and solutions.”

Professors and researchers of the UzAFA, the Academy of the State Security Service (SSS), specialists of the Border Troops of the SSS, veterans of the Armed Forces and specialists in this field attended the conference.

Speakers at the conference provided information on international legal issues of border security of Uzbekistan, practical aspects of the policy of delimitation and demarcation of borders with neighboring countries, and outlined the existing problems and solutions in this area.

The conference focused on the study, analysis and forecasting of existing threats to border security, as well as the improvement of the system of guarding and protection of state borders. After that, they discussed the information and suggestions made by the participants in conference.

A group of servicemen and veterans of the Armed Forces who actively participated in the conference were awarded with letters of appreciation by the leadership of the UzAFA.


Sherzod EGAMBERDIEV, Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense